What is Total Care Technology Management? 

Technology Management (sometimes called Managed Services) allows the business owner and IT Support Company to focus on the same goals and objectives; helping your business run faster, easier, and more profitably.

Think of a property management firm. Tenants pay them a fixed monthly fee and they take care of maintaining the grounds, snow removal, property taxes, perform building maintenance, dealing with any building repairs, and coordinate working with the trades on any plumbing and electrical needs. It’s the same concept with technology.

BeckTek manages the day to day aspects of your technology. Maintaining your computers, updating software and installing security patches, monitoring the network for issues, dealing with your technology related vendors (Internet Provider, Printers, Telephones etc), overseeing network security, ensuring data is backed up and available if disaster strikes and providing help desk support for any computer or IT issues your staff might encounter.

The better job we do to automate maintenance, build efficiency of service, lower your business risks and lower the amount of technology issues your staff experience the more profitable your business is (less system downtime, more efficient staff, increased productivity and production etc.) and the more profitable the relationship is for us as well (less time fixing issues equals higher profit margins.) It’s now in both our interests to ensure your technology “just works.”

Clients tell us the biggest advantage to it, they no longer need to worry about technology in their business. They have a partner to deal with it and to look after their best interests. We call this the Stress Free IT Advantage!!

…productivity has effectively increased…

"Our experience with BeckTek has been exceptional. Since implementing their proactive approach to IT management, our service requests have dropped by 75% and productivity has effectively increased because we are no longer spending hours each month troubleshooting and trying to resolve IT issues. Having BeckTek as our trusted Technology Management Firm, I have the peace of mind that our needs are being well looked after."

Sam Lanctin Registrar
New Brunswick College of Pharmacists

…knows technology…

"BeckTek knows how important technology is to business having seen the impact on the bottom line when technology goes astray. The preventative measures BeckTek brings to the table are well worth the investment."

Paul Robichaud President, EPR Robichaud
Certified Professional Accountants

Why Total Care Technology Management?

If your computer and IT support provider’s profitability is tied to your frequent computer problems and expensive downtime then the premise of your business relationship is flawed as your business goals and theirs are out of alignment. Rewarding them when you have more problems is counterproductive. Instead of reacting to problems as they occur, shouldn’t the focus be on what matters to you; making your business run faster, easier and more profitably?

BeckTek’s affordable monthly service agreements for computer, network and IT support takes the concept of hourly billing off the table. Now the business relationship can be based on getting you the right end results. Minimizing your business risks. Lowering technology frustrations. Ensuring your technology “just works”. Helping your staff stay productive by minimizing expensive downtime and lost production. Helping you budget your computer and network support the same way you do payroll, rent, insurance or utilities.

BeckTek’s proactive processes to computer, network and IT support have helped clients reduce service issues by 70% or more. Further, many service requests change from “It’s Broke” to “How To” questions that actually help your staff maximize operational efficiencies and productivity.

Should a problem arise, waiting hours for a response to your call for help or even days before help actually arrives shouldn’t be the accepted norm. BeckTek answers our phones live and respond to problems in 60 minutes of less.

Far too often business owners I meet tell tales of how they were burned in the past by a computer guy. Let’s face it, even if you haven’t, considering a change in your computer support can be scary. That’s why we have our no questions asked 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. People have asked if I’m afraid some might take advantage of this Guarantee to get free services and I suppose it’s possible; however to date no business owner we have met and agreed to take on as a client has canceled our services and taken us up on our 90 Day Money Back Offer. Not Once!!

At BeckTek there are no long-term service agreements of 2, 3 or more years. Your respect, confidence and trust should be earned each and every month. Without these things, service agreement or no, the business relationship is doomed to fail. So why subject either side to an unhappy relationship with unreasonable term agreements?

Ready for peace of mind by making computer and IT frustrations a thing of the past and enjoy Stress Free IT?… Then it’s time to give us a call.

…BeckTek is the answer…

“We have worked with several IT providers over the years that promised great things but failed to deliver. BeckTek is the first IT provider that actually backed up their talk with real action. They have exceeded our expectations and continue to impress. Computer frustrations are a thing of the past and our productivity has soared. I no longer have to think about technology, the BeckTek team are taking care of it. Unlike with past IT providers, our staff actually enjoys working with BeckTek. They have become a real part of our team. If you are looking for a true partner to oversee your technology and look after your best interests, BeckTek is the answer.”

Lise Bourque Director
Brunswick Sheet Metal

…it all just works…

“Technology is a part of today’s business world. BeckTek understands this and makes having an “IT Department” within reach for any size company. They are very easy to deal with, deliver on their promises and have taking the thinking out of IT for us. Now it all just works and if there is a problem we have the peace of mind knowing they will get it taken care of quickly and efficiently. They have made IT a tool for us, not a drain of resources and time.”

Marc Gallant CEO
Arbitrium Group