For the past 60 years, technology has been steadily infiltrating our lives. Like all epic changes, digital progress has touched us all. For those following the progress of the Information Age, the Digital World has moved us to a higher level of specialization and efficiency, while simultaneously allowing us a laser-focus on our activities.

The authors of The Business Owners Guide To I.T. and All Things Digital 2.0, develop and adapt computer systems to better organize and run our businesses. They have competed in the marketplace and achieved the success of surviving and thriving in the Digital Era that we enjoy – truly a feat in the competitive world of today. Beck, as well as his 16 co-authors, are some of the top minds within the I.T. industry, all of whom are currently serving small to midsize businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“I was thrilled to work with my fellow I.T. expert authors on this project, which was designed to educate today’s entrepreneurs on how to avoid the many pitfalls and challenges that can often provide obstacles to growing your business and overall revenues,” Beck said. “It is my hope, through my more than a decade of experience in business, that I can pass on some of my tips and best practices to help anyone that is currently a business owner.”

Scott launched BeckTek, a Technology Management Firm, in March 2004 to help businesses owners and executives run their businesses faster, easier, more profitably and securely.  Since opening BeckTek, Scott has talked before, met with and worked with thousands of business owners and executives throughout Atlantic Canada and North America.

"If you are over 40, you are an immigrant to the world of technology. If you are also a decision maker, read this book. Scott Beck explains in plain language the dangers awaiting the uninformed"

Robert Basque, QC, Lawyer, Forbes Roth Basque

"Well written and easy to follow. Scott’s straight forward advice is eye opening for Business Owners and Executives dealing with IT concerns in their business."

Amy Colpitts, Office Manager Atlantic Underground Service

"Scott tells it like it is in a language that is easy to understand. He knows how important technology is to business and has seen the impact on the bottom line when technology goes astray. The preventative measures Scott talks about are well worth the investment"

Paul Robichaud, President, EPR Robichaud - Certified Professional Accountants

"A really easy read full of good pointers that most know but tend to forget. Always good to get a reminder on the importance of a solid IT strategy."

Nancy Whipp, CEO CPA New Brunswick (Retired)

"Easy to read and very relevant. Great job!"

Monique Imbeault, Director, Resilia Inc

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