Unfortunately for business owners that may still be scrambling to get computer security patches installed to protect against last week’s quick spreading ransomware attack, called WannaCry, there has been an increase in attempts to abuse the same Windows exploit in the past few days.

The most recent example has been dubbed BlueDoom. The analysis done on BlueDoom by security experts hints that cyber criminals may be preparing to integrate an array of different exploits, many leveraged from the leaked NSA Cyber Weapons, for an attack that combines a full set of digital tools.

BlueDoom is different from WannaCry because it shows a long-term intent to make use of vulnerabilities stemming from virtually all Shadow Brokers leaks containing Windows exploits (Shadow Brokers are bad guys that discover new vulnerabilities in software and sell that knowledge to hackers that then do the attacking).

BlueDoom disguises as WannaCry, but it’s a completely different type of worm that does not install ransomware, at least not yet.

At the moment, BlueDoom seems focused on establishing a launching pad for future attacks. This is something the entire security industry feared because it could set the context for it to become a widespread infection, maybe even bigger than last weeks WannaCry.

Scarier yet, because the hackers aren’t looking for instant gratification and the quick payoff provided by ransomware, they are purposely trying to stay hidden. Possibly with an eye on gaining access to your company data, compromise personal identities or steal sensitive information and/or trade secrets.

We continue to urge both home users and companies to patch their systems as fast as possible!

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